Joe Cada is a Team Pokerstars pro member

After becoming the 41st world champion, Joe Cada was offered to join the prestigious Team PokerStars.

To be honest this is nothing surprising at all given that Pokerstars is the most aggressive online poker room with respect to marketing. And they are collecting world champions, as Joe Cada is the fifth to join their team.

It all started with Chris Moneymaker who won the WSOP main event in 2003. As he got his seat at the main event through a PokerStars $39 satellite tournament to the event, this ignited the entire online poker boom as we know it. Use a pokerstars bonus code 2014 if you too want to access such poker opportunities at the leading online poker room.

Joe Cada: pokerstars pro.

So Chris Moneymaker naturally became a spokesman for pokerstars as this is where he had been playing online poker, and he had a big debt to the poker room, knowing that he would never have gotten such a chance to gather riches like that in life.

Next there was Greg Raymer who won the main event in 2004. Likewise he got his seat through a pokerstars satellite. In 2005 again the winner Joe Hachem was a regular player at pokerstars.

In 2006 and 2007 the winners were more controversial players. Both Jamie Gold and Jerry Yang were not interested in a career as a poker professional, so they never endorsed any major poker room. In 2008 the winner was Peter Eastgate, and he is the 4th world champion to join pokerstars. And finally in 2009 Joe Cada joined the lot.

As a Team Pokerstars member, Joe Cada has access to all the major live poker tournaments for free. This alone is a fantastic perks that most poker fans can only dream of getting. He also does not pay any rake when playing online poker, and here again this is benefit everyone would like to have. In exchange he mostly had to wear the pokerstars logo when playing live poker, not a great constraint in itself.

The benefit for you if you like online poker, is that you may have a chance to play with Joe if you join pokerstars. As he plays exclusively online poker there.

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