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In poker being lucky results from your preparation. Luck has to be understood. They turn lucky when they put in hard work, and that is their secret if they want luck to make money.

This is how luck is created, as apparent luck may hide the fact that skills are required to be profitable in the long-run. This is true in other games as well. But in poker, luck is bigger. It has been said that the more chance is on your side, the harder it is to play poker well.

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Every player appreciates poker luck, and would like to have more than his fair share. But, luck is actually not the best friend of a player. A worse player wins a huge pot and he believes that he has the luck to get it.

A fish player does not understand poker odds, always call large bets, makes unbelievably bad plays, and more. A bad player can hope to become lucky at any time. So, they are considered to so much luckier then other players, as they have different pathes for obtaining luck.

Solid players know better. First they get Pokerstars rakeback if they can. Next they wait their opponents to to make a big error. This is how to post good profits.

So if a calling station calls the bets from a solid player when he should fold his garbagwe hand, this is negative EV for the looser. It does not matter if he hits the draw or not, in the long-term he will consistently lose if he plays this bad.

By simply getting rakeback at pokerstars or another room and learning to fodl more often, you are guaranteed to stop losing at online poker.

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