The November Nine 2010

Pokerstars Joe Cada is the 41st and youngest winner of the WSOP Main Event. Who will be the 42nd winner?

Every year, the World Series of Poker takes place and pits the best in the world against one another. Poker is a game of skill and luck, creating the perfect amount of tension for both the player and spectator. This year some of the best names in the game are battling it out to see who the best is.

The November Nine have been declared for the main event of the 2010 World Series of Poker. After playing eight days over a period of nearly two weeks, the remaining 9 players are allowed to participate in one of Poker's most watched tournament. The event is going to be televised on ESPN so that the entire world can watch.

Standings so Far

The initial part of the WSOP Main Event has taken place in June, and the nine players are on a break waiting for the final table of their lifetime. Even so, the elimination matches have been very intense and full of surprises.

Jonathan Duhamel currently leads the way during the 4 month break with a stack of 55,375,000. player Adam Levy was strangely silent in the stretch of the main event, being bumped into 12th place with an earning of $635,000. Levy pushed all-in with a K-Q against Duhamel, who had pocket aces. Levy turned a king on Duhamel, but a deuce on the river ended up finishing his 2010 Main Event run.

Duhamel then took a giant chip lead in the final 11 after finishing off both Affleck and Levy. Brandon Steven followed by doubling up his A-K of clubs and facing them against Jason Senti's K-10 to attain 5.64 million in chips. But he was still the short stack in the room with the remaining 11 players.

Steven came into the 10 handed final battle with only ten big blinds, successfully recovering and doubling up facing Michael Mizrachi. Steven flopped top pair with Q-J of clubs and went all-in, while Michael's middle pair by the flop did not improve. Mizrachi and Steven ended this hand with almost the same amount of chips.

The final hand had Brandon Steven against Matthew Jarvis when Jonathan Duhamel raised to open the hand. Steven then went all-in with 4.475 million. Jarvis then called the all-in, forcing Duhamel to fold. Steven then flipped over A-K while Jarvis revealed his pair of queens. Without help from the board, Steven was sent to the rail in 10th place and the final nine were decided.

The Main Event

After such a heated battle to get to the November Nine, the final table will surely be as intense. It will take place from November 6th to the 9th at the Penn and Teller Theater. The theater is located in the Rio All-Suite hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those who are unable attend the event in Las Vegas, there are still ways to watch the main event. The actual final table will be aired on ESPN on November 9th. If the elimination matches are any indication, the main event to be full of twists and turns. Be sure to see the main event either in Vegas or on ESPN so that you don't miss out!.

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