Arnaud Mattern is a Team Pokerstars pro member

Before becoming a professional poker player, French Arnaud Mattern studied foreign languages, including German, Spanish and Japanese. This talented backgammon player finally abandoned his studies to devote himself fully to this favorite game. And like many other backgammon players, Arnaud noticed profund similarities with the game of poker, which ultimately led him to make the transition. Indeed both games involved a mix of luck and strategy. Mastering either game equates somehow minimizing the chance factor and maximize the skill element. This decision was easy to take because of the huge prize pools offered poker.

His poker career started online when he decided to taste all poker game variations: Limit cash games and No Limit Sit & Go tournaments and MTT. In 2006, he reached the money at several international live events and triumphed after various tournaments in London and Italy where he had more than $60,000 in prize money. He finally made the breakthrough he had hoped for by winning the Main Event EPT Prague in December 2007 for $1,038,010 in cash after winning against a field of 554 players.

Arnaud continues to achieve significant gains in the biggest events on the planet, including cashes on the circuit of the European Poker Tour and during the World Series of Poker. It was even on the brink of becoming the first double winner of EPT by reaching the final table of the EPT in Polland in 2008, which brought him the nice sum of $91,230 for his 5th place. In 2010, Arnaud participated in the first EPT held in Tallinn Estonia and harvested $204,800 for 3rd place, slowly but surely getting closer to its goal of obtaining a dual EPT title.

When not sitting around at a poker table, Arnaud enjoys playing backgammon and spending time with friends, watching old movies and traveling around the world to meet people. He is proud to have joined the team at PokerStars and hope to win other major titles soon. He is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and plays online under the nickname 'FrenchKissFR'.

As a Team Pokerstars member, Arnaud Mattern can play the major live tournaments free of charge. This is a great advantage that the [ros have over the amateur poker players and this is one of the motivation to turn pro. It is a win win situation between the poker room and the poker player. The room gets coverage from a celebrity player while the player gets cheaper access to his favorite game.

The benefit for you if you like poker, is that you will have the chance to play with Arnaud if you join As he plays exclusively online poker there.

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