Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Michigan

World poker champ Joe Cada is from MIchigan. Here is an overview of the State where Joe grew up.

Michigan is one of the most populated states of the US, standing 8th in the list of populations for the 50 states in US. Lansing is the Capital city and Detroit is the most happening place in Michigan. One of the biggest reasons to visit Michigan is for Detroit.

The city is filled with a rich and vibrant culture interspersed with historical landmarks. One of the biggest attractions of Detroit is the 'Motown' factor. A day out with a Big 3 car and the Motown song can change your day for good. Even though the city has been marked with several negatives in recent times, it does not hold a reason for you not to visit Detroit.

The name Michigan is derived from the Ojibwa word 'mishigamaa' which means 'large water'.

The state is rightly named so as it has the longest freshwater coast and is surrounded by four Great Lakes. This makes Michigan the most preferred for recreational boating. The state is made up of two peninsulas and makes it a unique state. The Straits of Mackinac separates the upper and the lower peninsulas.

The weather conditions too differ entirely between the two peninsulas. Some people love the varied climatic conditions here as it is entirely unpredictable. It might be sunny and warm one day and over pouring with rain or even snow the next day. Tourist might like or dislike this unpredictable weather condition but this sure does make the state a unique one.

One of the other reasons why people visit Michigan is for its great Universities. The state houses the best Universities in US. There are several public schools and universities with several private colleges as well. Of all, the Michigan State University has been reported to have the most number of student enrollments when compared to any other University in US. The other major universities are University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Central Michigan University and Lawrence Technological University.

Michigan stands next to California for its diversity in agriculture. A wide variety of crops, fruits and vegetables are grown here. The place is filled with farms growing blueberry, grapes, apple and peaches. Lake Michigan adds to the beauty of the farms and creates a moderating effect in the Western part of the state.

Fifty percent of the state is forest land attracting adventurers and hunters for thrilling vacation in the jungle as most of it is remote. There are even very popular festivals like Tulip Time Festival and National Cherry Festival which pulls in a whole lot of tourists to the state. The other major attractions here are The Henry Ford, Detroit Institute of Arts, Zoo and sports activities.

There are several museums attracting art and culture enthusiasts like the Detroit Historical Museum, Cranbrook Educational Community, Arab American National Museum and African American Museum. There are several casinos and other entertainment centers in Detroit and rest of the state for the teenage crowd to hang out and have fun. But this is nothing like Las Vegas and the WSOP where Joe Cada became famous. The lakes, forests and the city make the state the best vacation spot for any kind of visitor.

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