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Joe Cada is our childhood friend from Shelby Charter Township, Michigan and this site is dedicated to him.

Shelby is a beautiful and quiet community in Michigan where gardening, flower arranging and ecology are the main pasttime. Protecting native plants, trees and wildlife, beautification and friendship are the characteristic of this community.

Poker pro Joe Cada got a nice payday when he won the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

After prevailing over a field of 6,494 players, Joe received the first prize of $8,546,435 to be exact.

A 21 years old kid who dropped out of college to play online poker full time, Joe Cada certainly made the right choice.

Joe Cada: online poker pro

But who is this unknown who collected one of the largest poker prize ever won?

And is he the type of example that America needs for its youngest generation at this time of crisis?

Joe Cada earlier life

Most of Joe's adults life has been dedicated to poker and online poker, so to speak. Including a lot of poker strategy.

As he is barely an adult now, let us say most of his teenage years. Joe Cada is a great comrade to have anyway, and even though he is now a millionaire, he did not change his friendly behavior with his frieds from Shelby.

From an unknown online poker pro to a world famous poker celebrity, Joe Cada instantly reached the pinnacle of gaming the day he won the WSOP Main Event. For more details about his heroic victory, read more about Joe Cada's WSOP victory.

After becoming world champion, Joe knew that he did not need to work anymore in his life. This is the benefit of winning the largest poker tournament on earth. But at 22, it was a bit early to retire and Joe accepted an offer from PokerStars to become one of their sponsored poker pros. Belonging to Team Pokerstars has many advantages for Joe, including paid buy-in fees to all the major live tournaments played every year worldwide. Pokerstars has many top guns in the team, like also Arnaud Mattern and Antoine Saout who was a November Nine 2009.

It is already time for the November Nine of 2010 to meet and the 2010 World Champion to be decided, and to replace Joe Cada as reigning champ. Now we know that the 2010 word champion is Jonathan Duhamel. In fact we are now in 2011 and the November Nine are known, so we will keep you posted once we know the new champ.

Time flies as we are already in 2014, five years after Joe's title. Nowadays online poker is not what it used to be, the new online game of skill is digital options also known as binary options. This is quite similar to poker where skill and fast decisions are the foundations for a profitable account. Like in poker where pokerstars reigns as the uncontested leader, it is also crucial to use the best binary options broker to put all chances of success on your side. Like in poker there are ups and downs in binaries, and the point is to have a positive expected value.

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